How effective are your trainings?

Improve knowledge transfer in your company through short quizzes with the Quizblix App.

Save time and money on training your employees.

That's Quizblix

Quizblix is an interactive learning platform for companies. It's a new way of learning, where work-relevant knowledge is shared in a playful way.

We combine advanced training, new learning concepts and gambling in one platform. We impart information to your employees in a cost- and time-saving way. Thanks to microlearning methods, i. e. learning in small portions, employees are able to learn when it suits them best and at their own pace, regardless of location and time.

What our players say

Al Lessandro

Just makes me just mega fun and I even have something of it....

645 Duels
Level 23

Quite cool, if you can still play a little bit after a seminar and don't put everything to rest.

89 Duels
Level 7

A few quick duels quiz blix always go: P

1412 Duels
Level 39


Have you ever left a compliance training and told your colleagues excitedly about the latest privacy policy? No? Neither have we... But there are ways to make learning fun - we make knowledge quizzes!

Simple learning process

Simple learning process

Instead of long training sessions and pages of documentation, we focus on short and easy to understand content. Information is divided into small units.

Employee motivation

Employee motivation

Employees learn in a playful way. That creates an intrinsic motivation to engage voluntarily with the learning material.

Anytime anywhere

Anytime, anywhere

Employees learn in small units, independent of location and at their own pace.

Areas of application

What Quizblix can do

Quizblix is a tool for knowledge transfer and communication that uses proven game mechanics for long-term motivation (gamification).

Knowledge transfer

Knowledge is imparted in a playful way and consolidated through repetition in small units. Proven game mechanics ensure that the motivation to play is always kept high.


Quizblix offers its own communication infrastructure: Surveys, news and chat messages make Quizblix an internal communication tool. In this way, knowledge and messages can be addressed to employees.

Behind the Scenes - The Adminpanel

Quizblix provides selected users access to statistics, analyze data, create reports, manage users and content. The admin panel offers you extensive possibilities and functions to manage your Quizblix Application.

Advantages for your company

On all platforms

On all platforms

In business environment, it is important to have a solution that works on any device. So Quizblix can be used platform-independently on laptops, tablets, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and any other system. Our web-based platform enables uncomplicated integration into existing systems such as intranet, website or company apps.



The Quizblix learning platform can be used internationally and is available in several languages. This promotes international cooperation and networking in globally active companies.



Every company has different needs, so the Quizblix learning platform is tailored to each company. The modular design enables perfect adaptation to individual requirements.

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