The main functionality of the application is a playful knowledge transfer.


In duel mode, colleagues challenge each other and acquire knowledge of your company or industry.


In training mode, your employees can train independently and specifically. Quizblix offers two different training modes.


Categories are activated for different user groups so that game content can be controlled in a targeted way.


Each user can review his own game statistics and those of his opponents.


Proven game mechanics ensure that users enjoy acquiring knowledge over a long period of time.


The "blixpoints" are the central element of the application. These experience points build the base for the level and performance of the player, as well as for the internal ranking and the comparison with other players.


With each level the player gets new challenges. Each challenge can only be completed once, so it is necessary to rise in the level to unlock new challenges...


As the game progresses, players receive trophies that are also visible to other players.


With rewards, you can control exactly how much you have to invest in a certain player's playing time and have direct control over the costs and benefits of Quizblix as a training measure.


With Quizblix you can not only impart knowledge, but also communicate actively.

Snap Polls

With Snap Polls you have the possibility to create small surveys and get a quick feedback from your employees.


Information and news can be created and published for individually defined user groups.


With short Tests, users can be assigned to a specific group or type based on their answers.


Players can communicate with each other directly via the application, write messages and challenge each other to duel.